Powder coatings

The powder coating gives workpieces uniform surfaces and a high level of protection against corrosion and weathering. In addition, a wide range of design options are available thanks to a wide range of colors and surfaces from matt to high-gloss and structured. We can coat workpiece sizes of up to 4 x 2 x 2 m on our modern and energy-efficient system.



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Before the actual powder coating process can take place, the workpiece must be pretreated to remove paint, dirt and rust. Our coating system has a 5-stage, modern, fully automatic nanoceramic degreasing system. Through this pretreatment process, we achieve a high quality zinc-phosphate surface and thus optimal corrosion protection, as well as ideal adhesion conditions for the subsequent powder coating.




The advantages of powder coating at a glance:

  • high impact and scratch resistance
  • extremely weather resistant
  • high color fastness
  • free from solvents
  • short lead times






With our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to offer a pick-up and delivery service.