Mobile Confined Space Training


Security when entering containers and confined spaces


Working in confined spaces such as channels, drains, pits, wells, shafts or the like requires maximum security of the protective equipment and its usage.

Regardless of how often you enter confined spaces, you will always be exposed to various hazards. Thus, the routine inspection of a pipeline, a simple installation or maintenance in a shaft can turn into a dangerous trap.

This mobile Confined Space Trainer provides you with the unique opportunity to train various scenarios of dangerous and hazardous situations in a realistic way. 


cse trainer1

Set up training facility

cse trainer2

Working platform with shaft accesses

cse trainer3

Detached tool room for fog machine, compressed air, CO², remote-controlled


cse trainer4

Interior space with changeable training scenarios

cse trainer5

Exits and container-entrances in various dimensions

cse trainer6

Exit with displacement

cse trainer7

Monitor for training and controlling



You can download the brochure here


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